Enjoying the beach! Lifestyle images are all around us at almost every moment, but they are sometimes hard to capture. How many times have you said "isn't that cute" or "that would make a great photo"? Many times you are right; it would. But as a photographer you have to discern the difference between a great stock photo and a snapshot of a family member of friend in time. Remember that everything your children do is wonderful, unfortunately they do not make great images for anyone but you. Capture an unusual smile or a glisten in the eye or just perhaps your child enjoying chocolate and laughing with it all over his face. In this case this shot was spontaneous. There was a girl on the beach in Southern California doing gymnastics and having fun. The photographer, Robert Blake just took the right moment to capture it and that moment now lasts in film. If you enjoy observing people then watch for that moment and enjoy it forever. Once again photography is mainly timing. However watch what is around you and in the background as your picture is an overall image and it incorporates everything you see in your lens. Be cognizant of all of it so that your background does not ruin your shot. However also keep in mind these days we do have the option of using Photoshop and other photo editing software to correct photo imperfections. If you enjoy photography "Lifestyles" is a great start for shutterbugs.


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