The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There is nothing that unusual about images of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is certainly a California landmark and a marvel of modern engineering and architecture. However there are millions of images of the bridge. We use this one as an exapmle as we would of our images of The London Bridge or the Eiffel tower at The image of travel should invoke a perspective of the photographer. A different approach or just a clean picture. But most of all an image of travel for advertising has to make a viewer say "I would like to see that in person" or "I would like to go there" That is the essence of a professional travel stock photo or video for commercial purposes. Also lighting is key. As a photographer once again take a look at the whole frame and watch your lighting! is your subject lit and what time of day is it? If the light looks harsh to you it will look even worse for the camera. If you have a bit of overcast that might make a nice picture of the subject , but then you need to leave the sky out of it. This shot was taken in the early morning under the bridge.


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